Bearskin Rafts In The Post-apocalypic Wasteland

“To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo.” Valerie Solanas (b. 1940)

There is a very funny interview with me up at CultureDeluxe, which you can read with your eyes. I think I was a little drunk at the time. I often am. Sample quote:

"Dude, there's more important things than building bearksin rafts in the post-apocalypic wasteland!"

Which is true. There's another funny one over at Kruger as well. We are talking about sex in horror movies. Again, I must have been pissed, as I failed to properly convey my opinions about Alien and womanhood. Oh well.

This is a link to Bill Shatner doing Rocket Man. It is awesome.

Emeka, who I met at a gig recently, and was very excitable and disappointed with my height, writes:

Hello Mr Donovan,

Okay, so I'll cut straight to the chase. My missus' mum, Lois Cayzer kinda got cancer the other day. Fortunately, it's been got rather early. Chemotherapy is underway, and she is on the road to recovery.

My missus has decided that she's gonna do this run thingy in Hyde Park on 9 July 2006 where only women are allowed to run and they get sponsored and it's all for charridy (darling).

This woman is more than just my missus' old dear - she's like a surrogate mother to me. I remember times when I've had problems and she's opened her door to me at like, five in the morning with a cup of tea waiting. And she'll always get me Muller Corner yogurts when she does the family shopping. I love this woman.

Because you is my bestest friend, you can do me a little flavour and get her sponsored innit in the link below.

Tell all your mates as welll innit! Thank you!

emeka x You have been told, mates. And maybe you womeny types should have a run too. Running is cool. I have been running for ages and ages.

Damn. Imagine a person that'd open their door to you at 5am with a Fruit Corner. See, I am not so into hot drinks. But I love those goshdarned Fruit Corners.

Oh, fuck! I just thought about a person I love getting cancer. I've never done that before.

I don't think much. Now I am sad. I might try calling my old man, I haven't spoken to him in ages.