So, by the wonder of the internet, I was just chatting with my boy Phill, back up the mountain in Shandaken (whaddya mean I was lost up there a fortnight ago? Feels like a lifetime. Damn.), where it's raining just like it is here in Englandland. He saw a bear up a tree today. It was, he says, kind of, stuck there. The local hick hippy fucks were poking it with sticks. When I get back there I'm a poke them with sticks. Damn. I spoke to a couple of my old Village folks today. So, they weren't like, "fuck you". But they weren't like, "congratulations! Well done!" either, but, you know. Shit'll be cool.

I'm listening to a load of old Em and Sage and KRS and Canibus and Slug freestyles. All these emcees sound amazing in their rawest forms. Sometimes I forget how good they are, how much they've meant. I'm funny like that. You too, right?