Be A Happy Girl

"If you’re lookingYou will find it Be a happy girl In a mad world If you want it Go and get it Be a happy girl in a mad world" Madison

If I was a 14 year old girl Madison would be my hero, and as a 27 year old manboy, she still comes close. Just before i got ill I found this song she sent me a little while back called 'Happy Girl', and I played it about seven times in a row as I tried to make some sense of my new room.

(Incidentally, after moving house over a fortnight ago, I have managed to sleep there once)

Anyway. You can all hear the song now, by clicking here. I think it is a great song, and I am going to remix it. I did a remix of another one of her songs already - I'll be putting that on the next ATD mixtape, which will be coming sooner than you might imagine.

A boy called Barry hit me up on Facebook earlier.

"I'm going to click the 'add as friends' button as yours is the only album I've legally purchased this year. F.A.C.T.," wrote he. "Incidentally that was only because no one had put it out on torrentspy. Lazy bitches. Ra. My droog..."

The music industry is so fucked. I have been suggesting viable alternatives since '99. Would they listen to me? Nooooo. "Sue 12 year olds," they said. "That'll save us." Fools.

I still haven't found a scanner to get you hospital diary parts, but I will.

Oh, and I am going to do some gigs in August. London, Gloucestershire, Dublin looking likely. I might get a drummer. Anyone know any safe drummers? How about a firebreathing contortionist? Hmm?