Bare Necessities

Akira The Don - Bare Necessities ft Jay-Z and Dizzee Rascal FIrst dropped: Jan 29th 2010, on ATD20


This one goes out to Eloise in Thailand, who is ten years old and an AMAZING DRAWER (as in person who draws, not something you put your T Shirts in, don't be stupid!) - she sent me this today:

How awesome is that!? WOW! MEGA AWESOME, I would say, and I would be interested to hear what you art critics think.

Yessir. I have been meaning to do a remix of Bare Necessities for about 5 years, and I was so happy when I finally got around to doing it that I literally ran around in circles whooping. IT MADE ME THAT HAPPY! Jay-Z and Dizzee Rascal were the icing on on the sticky bun. Sticky buns, in case you were wondering,  were the number one treat back in Lower Friars, the first stage of my secondary schooling... at first break you could get stale buns with icing on them from the canteen for 20p. Oh how we loved those sticky sweet things!

Anyway, I did want to make a nice bootleg video for this, but I haven't had time today, between packaging t-shirts (only 2 1 don shirts left!), working on my Sac VS Pip remix, shooting a video with Joey2tits AKA The Ambassador of Awesome and doing this flipping cartoon. Gah! I wish I'd had time, dear reader! But now I must make like that last panel, for it is 4am, and I have many things tomorrow, not least of all THE ALL NEW WEEKLY DONCAST!

That's right! It's that time of week again! BE HERE AT 5PM GMT for the live spectacular! I have no idea what I'm gonna be doing, but I know one thing - WE ARE GONNA HAVE FUN! YES WE ARE! But if you have any great ideas, I would love to hear them. Oh, and there are only three more days of FOCUSING ON ATD20... what song do you want singling out? TELL ME I NEED TO KNOW!




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