Bangor Christmas

So I have been all over the place. Thursday, Newport, doing mighty battle with half of the arena, which was like DRUGZ and awesome. The Maggot loved it! I wrill post a proper report of that next week in the gigs bit.

After that Birddogg and I drove to Chippenham. In the morning I got a train to Waterloo, and a tube to East Finchley, to look at some houses with Wade. Wade didn't wake up though, so I omly got to see one and it wasn't our dream home.

Then I got a bus to Archway and walked under Suicide Bridge up that road to Highgate, and Gwil and Monkeynuts and I drove through the mounatins in the dark at high and dangerous speeds, to North Wales, and to Bangor.

Where I am now. Last nigt we checked out Racubah and I got drunk and was mean to Wade on the phone. Today we got Float from Llandudno, and played Tekken, and we go out and do last night flyering and shit later.

Coach leaves at 9, outside the Great Eastern, Liverpool Street, by the way.