Hey folks. Here, for your listening pleasure, are two songs from All Star ATD15: Akira The Don - I'm Going ft Narstie & Little Man

The Crimea - Loop A Loop (Akira The Don Remix)

Both are 196 kbps MP3s. Get the whole mixtape as tack separated CDQ MP3s here.

In other news, I have been getting a lot of myspace messages from deekheads trying to sell me "extra plays" - if you hadn't noticed, MySpace is all about how many "friends" and "plays" you have. People actually pay companies to send rotten little spam bots about the place adding people for them, and refreshing their page so they look mad popular. I've been meaning to investigate this for a while, but, happily, Sage Francis has done it for me. Peep game. (Thanks to Mark E for the link).

PS - While your messages of concern regarding the last post are appreciated (and there have been MANY!), please don't think for a second I am on any kind of "self harm" bullshit. I am very happy right now, and am merely a foolish, impulsive goon who doesn't always think things through. Peace!