Bandwidth Limit Exceeded (That ain't platinum, that's a silvery chain!).

Thassright bitch. "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. Apache/1.3.29 Server at Port 80"

I mean, I knew I was hot.


And, you know, we done been offline for 6 hours. And those pricks at my hosting place (whom I am LEAVING tomorrow), were no damn help. But we cool now. You miss me baby?

Damn. I am so sorry.

And shit.

I just had a drink with a very old, (but not Wesh old) friend. it was GOOD. Some dude in the pub asked me if I was Welsh, then said he was sorry and offered me a drink. I walked my friend to the tube then went back, and got introduced to the pub. Turns out they all hate immigrants. I had healthy deabte all night. After a few bargies, including a vague brawl, we agreed it was poverty, not race ("but those fucking Bengalis are born pakkiscum" added one as I left).

So I get back here, and my bitch website still isn't working. So I get involved in some shit with an online help dude. Man, I was so much cooler when I was 24 hour sober:

Please wait for a site operator to respond. All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly. You are now chatting with 'rajesh' rajesh: Welcome to EhostPros 24/7 Live Chat service :) rajesh: Hello, How may I assist you? adam alphabet: Hey. I was informed my website had gone ober its allocated bandwith via emial from people trying to get on to it 8 hours ago. After a lot of trila and error, I upgraded from gold to sliver 5 hours ago. I get back now and it is still offine due to "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. Apache/1.3.29 Server at Port 80" adam alphabet: what is going on? rajesh: please provide your domain. adam alphabet: rajesh: please hold on. let me check. adam alphabet: saf adam alphabet: e rajesh: you have an invoice due. rajesh: so please make the payment at the earliest. adam alphabet: I made the payment 5 hours ago. adam alphabet: hello? adam alphabet: HELLO? rajesh: you have to pay the invoice 61227 adam alphabet: Like I said, I paid it 5 hours ago. adam alphabet: What is going on? adam alphabet: First, the thing stops working with NO WARNING tis afternoon. adam alphabet: Then it takes three hours to sort, paymentwise. adam alphabet: Then I am told it will be back online withinn the hour. adam alphabet: 5 hours later, you tell me "please make the payment at the earliest" rajesh: hold on. transferring to the billing department. Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Babu'. You are now chatting with 'Babu' Babu: hi adam alphabet: yo! I had you earlier. Babu: Hi Adam you owe $-23.90 in billing the invoice is 61227 Babu: please pay that invoice online adam alphabet: exuse me? adam alphabet: excuse, even? adam alphabet: $23,90 for what? adam alphabet: I paid the $6.00 for the upgarde, as I sais, 5hpurs ago. adam alphabet: what is the rest? Babu: sorry we did not get the payment adam alphabet: why have I not had any email notification about that then>? Babu: when we generate the invoice automatically we will send to your mail , and you can also check in your billing area adam alphabet: what? adam alphabet: What does that MEAN>? adam alphabet: First you dissable my site without warning. Babu: due invoices are 61227,57300,61094 adam alphabet: Then I upgarde. adam alphabet: Then you say, 5 hours later , it isn't working. Babu: we did not disable your site adam alphabet: What, do you suggest? adam alphabet: You did. It isn't working. Babu: your site is bandwidth excceded adam alphabet: Well, duh. It says "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. Apache/1.3.29 Server at Port 8" adam alphabet: with no warning. adam alphabet: I was busting screwy shit with Lil Flip. I start to get dozens of phone calls. Babu: so our server automatically disabled your site adam alphabet: I looK, AND voila! adam alphabet: WELL, GOOD ONE YOUR SERVER. adam alphabet: Excellent server. adam alphabet: This is how you build good customer relations. adam alphabet: Why, exactly, has my payment not been recieved. adam alphabet: ? Babu: yes Babu: we did not recive the payment adam alphabet: Yes what? adam alphabet: Why? adam alphabet: Amd why was I not told, while I was on with your customer "service" people for an hour? Babu: have you paid via online ? adam alphabet: VIA (my boy Paul's) CREDIT CARD ONLINE. adam alphabet: 5 and a half hours ago. adam alphabet: This is unaccepatble. Actually. Babu: but we did not get that payment adam alphabet: Really. adam alphabet: Well why was I not informed? Babu: sorry, your CC Exp Date: Expired adam alphabet: Like, "sorry, your card has been deciled because our antique severs are outdated" or whatver? adam alphabet: What? Babu: so that you can't pay with CC adam alphabet: 2007? adam alphabet: Expired? adam alphabet: It is2004. Babu: you cc was expired so please update the CC Babu: Exp Date: 9/2004 adam alphabet: How can a crad that expires in 2007 have expired? Babu: so your CC expired at sept adam alphabet: No, it expores in 2007. adam alphabet: I am not blind. Babu: what is your CC last 4 digits and card type then i will check adam alphabet: 4002 american express. Babu: yes Babu: it is expired adam alphabet: !Yes what? adam alphabet: No it is not. adam alphabet: I have it here. Babu: ok adam alphabet: It says, 2007. I used it an hour ago. adam alphabet: Less. adam alphabet: And even IFffF... how DARE you not inform me of that, and just leave it hanging. Is this how you deal with all your clients? adam alphabet: ? Babu: please update the CC refer this url adam alphabet: Excuse me? Babu: and pay online adam alphabet: I ALREADY HAVE. adam alphabet: 5 and a half hours AGO. adam alphabet: iT WAS AN IRRITATING AND LABORIOUS PROCESS, AND iT TOOK OVER AN HOUR. adam alphabet: What, exactly, are you expecting me to do now, in order to recieve a "service" I have already paid for? Babu: ok adam alphabet: ok WHAT? Babu: first login to billing area and update the cc expire date Babu: then you can pay it Babu: may be you paid but the transaction is not proccessed Babu: b/c the expire date in billing Babu: so please update the CC adam alphabet: Why? I did all this 5 hours and fourty minutes ago. It was boring. I have gotten drunk since. Babu: then pay adam alphabet: PAY? Babu: first update the CC expire date adam alphabet: I tried that. Apparently my lgon is incorrect./ adam alphabet: I spent over an hour goin gover this. adam alphabet: What the fuck is going on? adam alphabet: HELLO? adam alphabet: YO! adam alphabet: Hammertime. EXCUSE ME. Babu: hello wait i will tell you what is the reason adam alphabet: cool. Babu: in your biiling area your card shows visa and expire date is 1/2004 you can check that Babu: before you blam us adam alphabet: blam? adam alphabet: where is this legendary "billing area" then? Babu: do you have billing logins ?? adam alphabet: I'm asking you,, Jesus! adam alphabet: Where. adam alphabet: Is. adam alphabet: This. adam alphabet: Legenadary,. adam alphabet: Billing . adam alphabet: Area. Babu: whith out know the billing area how can you pay the due Babu: ? Babu: you said you paid but how ? adam alphabet: I PAID IT ALREADY. adam alphabet: But, you tell mre, NOW, nnearly 6 hours late, it hasn't gone through. adam alphabet: Where am I meant to try again? Babu: ok login to biling firsrt i will tell you the reason adam alphabet: I paid via a American Express , 6 hours ago, while online with one of your people. adam alphabet: Where? adam alphabet: Give me aURL. Babu: follow me adam alphabet: Excuse me? Babu: Babu: click that link adam alphabet: AND? Babu: enter Babu: passwd : .******** adam alphabet: I did that shit earlier. I type in my email, and my password, and it DOESN'T WORK. Babu: ok ? Babu: now try adam alphabet: Eh? I changed that. adam alphabet: Hang on. Babu: ok Babu: have you got ? adam alphabet: No. Thuis is evidentky fraudulent. I shal;l have to sue. Babu: have you got ? adam alphabet: just did, aye. Babu: ok adam alphabet: it says there are 3 invoices due, and the last was paypal. Which is untre. Babu: ok wait i will check have you paid paypal or not adam alphabet: What's this "billing password"? adam alphabet: NO, I have not! adam alphabet: I paid American Express. Babu: this is the customer biiling area adam alphabet: Anywa, explain this "billing password" adam alphabet: Jesus. adam alphabet: "BILLING PASSWORD." Babu: you can maintain the biiling billing transaction with us adam alphabet: What? Babu: you can check what invoices we sent what we charge to you and etc Babu: how many plans with us , and our news etc adam alphabet: JESUS! One of these fill inable areas says "YOIR BILLING PASSWORD". adam alphabet: Your, even. adam alphabet: What am I supposed to put there? adam alphabet: I ahven't got a "Billing password" adam alphabet: as far as I am ware. adam alphabet: aware. adam alphabet: that is. adam alphabet: And kindly hurry up, it's 1 am over here. Babu: yes. billing password means this security code , only you can login to your billing others can't login Babu: so please cilck at "my finanace" Babu: there ? adam alphabet: NO! adam alphabet: The screen I ahve says: adam alphabet: New CC Number: Select Card Type: New Exp Date: / Your Billing Password: Babu: yes yes Babu: :) adam alphabet: yes yes yes what? Babu: please update that adam alphabet: What's this fucking BILLING PASSWORD< for the umpteenth time? adam alphabet: I appologise for being rude, but I have been trying to sort this forhalf a day. Babu: no friend adam alphabet: I have an inbox full of popl going "where is your site", etc. Babu: i try to understand your problem adam alphabet: good. plese do. Oh. this is, franklt, bollocks. Babu: just update the cc Babu: enter CC number adam alphabet: oh for fuck's sake, answer my question. what is this "your billing password?" shit? What do I put in tyat field? As far as I knoe I don't have one. adam alphabet: I have done all the other shi, but this one field remains. Babu: ******** Babu: enter that adam alphabet: I did. Babu: ok adam alphabet: My Invoices Update My CC Invoices InvNum Amount Total Paid Total Due Now Date Created Due Date Date Paid Payment Method 57300 $8.95 $0.00 $8.95 2004/09/06 2004/09/07 CC Batch 61094 $8.95 $0.00 $8.95 2004/10/05 2004/10/07 CC Batch 61227 $6.00 $0.00 $6.00 2004/10/07 2004/10/07 PayPal adam alphabet: and I just tried a different card. adam alphabet: could you peop,ephone me, this online thing is a joke. Babu: just pay with Visa-**** Babu: this in our billing adam alphabet: what? adam alphabet: I just tried that! adam alphabet: that, even. adam alphabet: jesus. adam alphabet: gimme a url that can take a goddamn credit card without collapsing. I freel rather nauseaous. Babu: check now your site is working fine adam alphabet: woo hoo! adam alphabet: So it did work? adam alphabet: Or was that the last card I entered? Babu: visa card you entered Babu: any more queries please ? Babu: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime. adam alphabet: ah... adam alphabet: ok. sorry for the abuse. adam alphabet: plesse forgive me. adam alphabet: and kill your bosses. Babu: my bose helped you well Babu: so your site is working fine adam alphabet: hmm. Babu: friend ! any more quetions ? adam alphabet: Why did the chicken corss the rroad? adam alphabet: cross. even. Babu: :) adam alphabet: that's right. for an internet smile. Babu: ok;) Babu: any more queries please ? adam alphabet: dude, I think we are cool. adam alphabet: Tell me, you aint the Dilated People's DJ issit? Babu: ;) Babu: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime.

I just tried to get Sophie into Lil' Flipper. I don't think she's feeling it.