Balls To Uncle Monty

So, yeah. It is a good day. Third day off the fags. Got that coming-off-fags hangover. My throat is sore and my nose is stingy. My head is thick. But shit! Mushtaq and I made a RAP CLASSIC yesterday. And speaking of which... LIL WAYNE'S NEW MIXTAPE IS HERE. HUZZAH! This is great news, eh?

Other news - ATD14 was gonna drop later this month. Maybe it still is. But before that, get ready for...

Stunners International Vol. 2!

Me and Wade are hooking that up tomorrow. This one's gonna be crazy. Ya dig?

PS - I saw The History Boys the other day. Man, that was a fucking terrible, grotesque FOLLY of a movie. Also, its main argument seemed to be that it is OK for a 50 odd year old man to fondle his students' balls so long as he's, like, kind of a good teacher. I disagree, call me Paxman if you wish. Anyone out there see that movie and NOT get that? All the reviews I read were totally positive. I thought it was rotten to the core. Should I start writing for The Daily Mail?

PPS - Remember I was all pissed off about R Kelly's new video the other day, and this current trend for making records about how ace it is to break up relationships and cheat on people? Well, that bloody Avril La-ming is on it now! She - who is married - has done this weak ass teeniebopper thing about stealing peoples' boyfriends. It is pretty catchy, still. But still! Get lives, losers!

PPPS - this mixtape is pretty cool, but Weezy's version of Crazy was a BAD IDEA.