BAK! (Ish)

Whaddya mean, Bulldog mailed me today saying I owe them money for this month, in which they've NOT GIVEN ME ANY INTERNET? Dear Mr. narkiewicz, said they. The balance of £ 34.28, from your December bill, is now overdue for payment. We should be grateful if you would pay the overdue amount within the next seven days.

I would have been grateful if they'd given me some internet!

Dear Bulldog machine, replied I.

I have already told you, I am not paying you anymore. I moved house last month, you were no help in changing over, despite me contacting you a month prior, and due to your lack of service skills, I have been without internet for three weeks so far, which is hugely rubbish as I work from home. I have no idea why you expect me to pay you for not giving me any service, it is quite silly. Kindly refrain from bothering me any further.



ANYWAY! Hello. I have a new phone now. It has the same number,however, I have none of YOUR numbers. Plese email them to me, or send me a text or something.


In other news, we had lots of fun in Cardiff and Brummageham, and shall be heading up to Liverpool to play for you tommorrow. I am a little closer to getting broadbandage in my new home, and shall shortly be resuming normal service. In the meanwhile, here's a picture of Jeres and me and Fancy Dan from the last tour, taken by young Mary.