Big up all my Summer people! I'm BAK like Narstie and you can tell that to the marines, serious as the letter my landlord left on my doormat. Yeah, I got "rent arrears", but "noise and nuisance complaints"? You WOT? Hey, neighbours, if you're reading, howsaboutyou come knock on my DOOR and complain at my FACE rather than straight SNITCHING to the big men? I am a nice man! Not a nuisance! And if I'm loud, that's cos I'm going deaf for a living, but yo, all you gotta do is KNOCK, fool!


So, I been on baby tour innit. Well, I went to Chester with Bravecaptain and his band on Tuesday. That was excellent boozey fun, and we slept in a hostel and it didn't have Australians in it. Weird! Wednesday we drove to Menai Bridge - BAK! - where I rapped with Bravecaptain AND Akira The Don and The Women. Which is me. And my band. BOETH, that lot, serious. It was for Adam Walton's Radio Wales show. I believe they're broadcasting it, er, Friday? Dunno, someone will though. Whatever, it was goshdarn LUSH in Menai. And my hotel room had a real key. No swipe! That hasn't happened to me, like ever.

Rah though, I totally mashed my leg up doing some stupid ass rock star jumping foolishness at the end. I landed on my knee innit. I was all hyped, now I'm all crippled. Hopping up stairs and that. Mary and myself went to Beaumaris this morning and saw my Nan, and my Nan's in better shape than me. And she has a lush garden.

Goshdarn it. I am missing Anglesey already. London is HECTIC.