Bah bah bah.

Today then, whilst taking a turn for the depressing this afternoon, as the rain came down and swept the shit of Brick Lane, finished well. For me. I wrote a song, the likes of which I have not even attempted previously. It is super epic. Elsewhere in the world, Birddogg is on a plane, flying back from Japan. John Ashcroft resigned, informing the President Of The United states in a handwritten letter that "the objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved."

Indeed. And there are no hospitals in Falluja, and kids and ladies and other, like PEOPLE are dead in piles, and they're denying Arafat is dead, but I think he is, and whaddya mean the US' first goal in the aforementioned worst place in the world is to take out Aljazeera? Fox "news" military analyst Brit Hume shared this news with America earlier, describing the television station as a "dirty little propaganda machine for the insurgents", adding, "last time they showed pictures of civilian causalities; that's not going to happen this time."

Oh my sides. I only have so many ribs Noel Coward. etc.

OH I GET IT! Once they've given them "democracy", they're going to give them "fair and unbiased reporting" in the shape of their very own Fox Iraq! It all makes sense now. Phew!


I have a sore throat. Boo-hooey.