BAD NEWS: Max B Prison Sentence Upheld; Parole Set for 2042

Bad news regarding the wave.

A New Jersey court has upheld the conviction of Harlem rapper Max B.

The state appeals hearing upheld the conviction stemming from Max B’s role in a Fort Lee hotel murder.

According to court documents Max B won’t be eligible for parole for another 30 years, for his part in masterminding a robbery at the Fort Lee Holiday Inn on Route 4, that left a man shot dead.

If the conviction is upheld, Max B won’t leave Trenton State Penitentiary until 2042.

In 2009 Max B, born Charly Wingate, 34, was sentenced to 75 years in 2009 after being convicted of numerous charges, including murder, kidnapping and armed robbery.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t at the hotel, prosecutors said Max B set up the robbery and murder, by getting his step brother and girlfriend to commit the crime.

Max B had already served 8 years in prison when he was released in 2005.

With that insane conviction upheld, Max B won't be eligible for parole until 2042.

Personally I am not giving up hope.

According to Masar, a New York dwelling Fremchman who puts out Max B DVDs and T Shirts and stuff, he has spoken with Max and Max's mother, who confirm, "YES.... his appeal has been denied but it is not over at all, we taking it to the supreme court."



Meanwhile, I went on. On Twitter:

I was rewarded for my efforts by lots of retweets and some trolling from a Twitter account purported to be written by a "bored lawyer" that spends all its time tweeting people who mention Max B with turbo-lame prison rape jokes. That shit is creepy as hell. What possesses people to engage in such anti human weirdo activity anyway? Perhaps this is another example of twitter spam-bot sentience. Or maybe it's an actual human. I feel bad for its mother, whatever it is.