Back In The Day (Remix) Video Shoot Reporatge

Boy oh boy friends, this bank holiday did me in. Checked in on the creamy and glittery Pydos In Spydos video shoot on Saturday afternoon. An exceedingly drunken wedding on Saturday night. Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday (I did a very poor impression of a grumpy uncle), video shoot on Monday. 'Another video shoot?' I hear you cry. Yes indeed. We got the team together to shoot a merry movie for the lush Back In The Day remix from Thieving. This shit is gonna be fun to edit!

Photos below. Cheers Tego for these! Well shot!

L - R: Shizzio, Akira The Don, Big Narstie, Marvin, Pixel, Jack Nimble.

The problem with doing videos with Marvin is you have to look at his batty all day.

We are an angelic choir of angles.

Marvin is nice usually but sometimes he goes a bit Liam Gallagher.

Narstie entertaining us with tales of sneaky pillow wiping.

I am sticking my head back on here, after it fell off from laughing at Narstie's pillow wiping story.

We are bringing the world down to our level.