Babylon's Burning Out Now

Hello. They let me out of hospital last night. Cool huh? Yes cool. Out onto the street I went, it's nuts outside, huh? Full of people. Noisy buggers. Still, it's better than hospital. and hospital food. Groo. Stupid hospital. Stupid pneumonia. I will have no more of it. Pah! Anyway. I am out now and wading through emails. Thank you for all your messages and your positive niceness, I am sure it was fuly helpful in averting my DEATH. Safe.

I'm at my Mam's now, with a big bag of drugs and young Zef and GTA to keep me company. I'll be posting some extracts from my hospital diaries over the next few days to keep you entertained. In the meanwhile, Lethal Bizzle's new me-produced single is out this week (cheers for the shout on Zane Lowe last night droog) - if you missed it, the video is live, above, and very cool. You can get it at all the usual retailers, and I advise you to check out the Gallows remix, which is mega bad-ass.

Peace to all.