UPDATE! Babydoll Remix Competition!

Brothers and sisters!



is now being run with the aid of SOUNDCLOUD!

That means I need you to submit your entries via Soundcloud, where EVERYBODY WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR THEM! You now have until October 13th.

Below you will find links for the Babydoll "Assets", as they call them in the trade. There's acapella, drums, brass, synth, and all the stuff you could possibly need to make the awesomest remix known to man.

For those of you that use Logic, which as far as I know doesn't seem to have a mathematical way of measuring a tempo, like the humble Acid Pro DAW, the tempo is 131.792. One three one point seven nine two! What a great tempo! Now, there's no reason why you shoudn't amp that to, say, 140. or even 180. Whatever you think is The Righteous Path. But it's good to know where you starting from. If you don't know where you're from, how do you know where you're at? Well, you look around you, don't you. Yes you do.

But what will we WIN, I hear you cry. Well you win the RESPECT OF YOUR PEERS! But not only that (even though that is the greatest prize of all). I will be getting Stephen Hague to help me judge the entries, so you'll win the ear of a master. And I, Akira The Don, will edit a remixed version of the world famous Babydoll video to accompany the winning remix, and I will post it on my Youtube channel, as a response to the original Babydoll video, putting it front of the eyeballs and ears of thousands of eager humans! I will also post it here, my various social networks, and to my not insubstantial mailing list. It will also feature on a forthcoming Akira The Don mixtape. and as a final little cherry on the pie, the winner will also get an Akira The Don T-shirt.


So, are you ready to remix brothers and sisters? You have until October 13th to complete your entry, and get it back to me.

Send us your sounds

Good luck brothers and sisters!

DOWNLOAD: Babydoll Remix Stems DOWNLOAD:  Babydoll Acapella