Last night I did an interview for Kruger with a nice lad called Adam, and we talked about horror movies, and all that that entails. Afterwards, I watched Don't Look Now with Soraya on the advice of Flan, which left me reeling, and my heart pounding, and the light twitching about the insides of my cornea. It is such a powerful piece of storytelling. My belly went funny. Then, as the credits rolled, Jeres appeared, with a strange and fantastical photograph, and we drank a little, and talked loudly of silly things. They left about three. Around then my laptop, which caught a virus when Jeres was round the other day, got full blown AIDS, so I picked up Brave New World, which I have been meaning to read for an age. About half an hour ago I had to put it down, because my chest was contracting crazilly, and my heart was pounding again, and I was gasping for air. My forhead, when examined in the mirror, was red, because it had repeatedly met a spread-eagled Brave New World with some terrible force during the dreadful duation of the last couple of hours. I drank a lot of water, and fell to the floor, and lay there a little while, then I got up, and picked up my guitar, holding into a few strings with trembling claw, strumming with the other. I sang what came out of mouth over the top. That is how they write songs then, I thought afterwards, my untrained left forefinger throbbing red, the results of those two and a half minutes drifting tragically from my speakers.

It s incredible what you can do with two chords.

Flan says I woke Paul when I texted to thank her for the film reccomendation.

Sorry Paul.

By the way - Katy saw V last night, and didn't think to invite me, but she says it is the best film she has seen in a long while, so my excitement has increased, although for a little while tonight I really had forgotted about looking forward to things.

There is a lot to look forward though, isn't there?