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Yeah, that's right.

From 3am June 23rd to 3am June 24th I will be recording ATD24, the twenty fourth mixtape in the series, which kicked off way back in May 2004 with - yes! - Akira The Don Vol. 1.

This is what I am about to email:

24 hours. 1 man, making 1 mixtape. All live online. This is ATD24 by Akira The Don. Like Jack Bauer, but with less torture.

At 3am on Wednesday 23rd June, Akira The Don will embark upon the world's first attempt to create an entire mixtape in 24 hours, from start to finish, with the whole project being broadcast live at

Following on from the insanely successful ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape, Akira the Don will be broadcasting live from Don Studios (aka his house), letting people see the naked truth behind the creative process as he puts together ATD24, which will be released as a free download on completion at 3am on Thursday 24th June.

Very special guests will be dropping by to help out and guest on the Mixtape, including:

  • Envy
  • Gonzales
  • Martin Carr
  • Big Narstie
  • Littles
  • Cibelle
  • Polar Bear
  • Socalled
  • Marvin The Martian

If you'd like to know more about the project or want to chat to Akira about the frankly insane task he's putting himself through, get in touch at this email address.

Exactly. Or you could leave something in the comments. Either way, the fact of the matter is unavoidable - we're doing this thing. We sold enough T shirts and got enough donations to buy the UStream Pro thing, that allows us to broadcast with multiple cameras in HD.

I have a rodonculous guest list, with more still to confirm, with, like, actual times for stuff to happen and everything.

I have a gang of beats, samples, snippets, slices and other-such delicious ingredients.

I have prepared my Music Machines for the mighty tasks that lie ahead of them.

James Dean Harrison is on his way round to test hooking up his fancycam for the broadcast. It is a beautiful thing, really it is. We could do with another camera actually, so any bright ideas, hit me up. I could also do with some good ideas for how best to capture audio coming in live from abroad  - the problem with Skype is it upsets my clock settings (geek talk for makes things sound like chipmunks and/or Satan). I have some ideas already, but maybe you have a better one. I am not too proud to admit I when I am lacking!

And remember, I am gonna be getting you involved. Keep it locked to find out how you and your Mum can get onto this slice of HISTORY! I am scared and excited and SCARED AGAIN and worried and HYPED and CERTAIN that it will be FANTASTICAL.


Thanks everyone for their kind words regarding my last post. I am gonna have a go at that sort of writing more often, I think. The good news is my friend got out today, and is in the best shape I've seen him in ages. Sometimes a little time-out is all a person needs. It is my professional opinion that duke is gonna be JUST FINE, and even better than that. And never mind that glass. It's somewhere in the middle.

(Damn! That was a tune! And you never heard it. From the great lost James Brown VS Akira The Don EP. We shall have to finish that one day. It was  full of magic.)

Anyway. I better get back to prepping. There is a lot to consider. What to eat, for one. I need ENERGY. All day long. What should I be rocking, like, bananas or something?