It works!

It works!

It works!

go get it!

And get your seperate MP3 "singles" (as in, they are singular):

The Elastica sampling BOOM! (Smash Stuff) ft. Why Lout?.

And the Blur ripping Gitmo! ft. Narstie.


Tracklisting: Akira The Don ft Why Lout? - BOOM! (Smash Stuff) Chamillionaire - Riding Dirty More Fire Crew - Oi Prince - Lolita Ghostface - Be Easy Green Lantern ft DPZ, Immortal Technique & Saigon - Impeach The President Riz - Post 911 Blues Akira The Don - Charlie Akira The Don ft Narstie - Gitmo! Akira The Don ft Big Pun & Fat Joe - I Heart Twins Untitled Actuallity Adam Green - No Legs Fireworks - Hold It Down Narstie - Bak Anth Latue - Who's Next Mobb Deep ft 50 Cent - Pearly Gates Akira The Don ft Marv The Marsh - Oobie Doo ** Cam'ron - D Rugs Bloc Party - Positive Tension (Statik Remix Feat. Flirta D) The Streets ft Proffesor Green - When You Wasn't Famous Remix Leo - Love Custard Akira The Don ft J-Love & Serge Gansbourgh - Bless *** Swine ft Akira The Don - Melancholy Trolley Dolly Tricky - Black Steel Piranha Deathray - Bones