ATD 16: The Don. Preorder Now / MUSIC: Akira The Don - The Don

ATD 16: The Don

The new mixtape from Akira The Don (yo!) drops September 5th.

Sixteen (16) brand new tracks, and some nuclear bootlegs.


The CD comes in a hand crafted, personalised sleeve - INSERT NAME Is The Don / YOUR MUM Is The Don / Amanda The Don, whatever you like.

A limited edition T Shirt is availiable also, THE DON screen printed and your personalised element hand painted by the aforementioned Akira (me).

Preorders come with a signed poster and comic strip. Maybe a badge too if you're lucky.

PREORDER the CD now for £4.99

The T is black with silver screen printage. If you're after a T Shirt size not listed, chuck me an email before the end of August and I'll suss it for you. There's a spot in the order form for you to write what you want written before "The Don". Apparently it's not showing in some browsers - in that instance, email zillazillazilla at gmail dot com with your heat's desire.

As ever, we take all major credit and debit cards, and we ship worldwide.


The title track.

Stream: Akira The Don - The Don

Lyrics, download, clean version and acapella after the jump.


Akira The Don - The Don

Akira The Don - The Don (Clean)

Akira The Don - The Don (Acapella)


when they see the figga coming they say zilla's on some other shit

send them other spacemen runnin straight back to the mothership

me i'm in they mothers shit

call me young tom jones

Smoke the green green grass of home

Can't leave that green green grass alone

Toot it like a saxophone

Bopping down baker street

we were the sixteens (sixteens!)

Super sweet

Super geek

Geeked out

Really if I'm honest mayne

Comics come in torrents manye

This how we make it rain


Nah right

Rig int


Ricky ross is not a fraud

Call the boss my bodyguard

whiter than a napkin

softer than a paper plate

If you want it come and get it

You know I stay super

I'm the don and I'm pretty!

half pole

half brummy

half welsh

do the math

16 mixtapes

i should take a bouble bath

i should do a double lap

how the fuck I get up here

rip ol dirty bastard

fucking yes I dropped a tear

hunter s I dropped a tear

uncle jan my granddads and

aint gotta worry bout my nan

she's gonna live for ever man

shes the don

so's my mom

all 3 of my little brothers

and my girl

far as I'm concerned

aint ever gonna need another

yeah my dad's the don an all

so's his girl she's one a y'all

all my people stand up tall

get your backs up off the wall

fuck them folks who're tellin lies

fuck them eyes up in the skies

if youre the don let's have it b

repeat ye after me:

I'm the don and I'm pretty!

i feel like theres still people that i owe hits

but if you went to brit school then you gon get your brit

i know some people thought me mad cos of that song about aids

that if I hadn't gone with that maybe I would have got paid

but screw the money and the fame cos that dont mean shit

unscrew the jesus from the frame cos that dont mean shit

cos when jesus' prests just cant bring you peace

you're feeling like some sheep that're just getting fleeced

and so: I let my nightmares go

i forgave everybody that i hated before

cos Ive seen where that leaves you and that twisted and old

i said damn baby I cant hate nobody no more

so fuck that big fame honey

i don't need blood money

i feel like y'all know me

i could not be lonely if i tried

be lonely if i tried

and i feel like I just begun

first sight of the morning sun

its like the war is won

Im just like everyone

I'm the don and I'm pretty!