My life is amazing. Tonight I shared football and booze and barbecue sauce with friends old and, um, older. Last night I shared music and beer and spliffs and glorious home made pie with friends new, and newer.

You know I wanted to know, "whatever happned to Stush"? I know now. I was supposed to make a song with her last night, but her manager double booked her by a mistook. But he told me what happened to her. Sticky stole what they gave her to make an actualisation of herself in noise. So she went to America and made an album, like me. Like me, its been held up by, shall we say, legalites. And, like mine, those leaglities are coming to an end. Her album wll be with us shortly. The very little I heard if it is lush. Look out for something sick on ATD14.

Last night there was half a song, then there was a whole song. We can thank John Leigh and System Error for that. System Error has made an album, and I shall be honoured to be a part of it.

Tommorrow I'm taking The Women to Cardiff, with Why Lout? - we shall reconnect with our lost Woman, dear Martin, and we shall rehearse our set for Saturday. I hope you are coming. They tell me it's gonna be hot in Swansea.

Now, though, She's in my head, breathing, breathing in dreams. She sounds like the sea. I'm going there.