Ask The Hoff

Yo, I'm gonna go hang out with Hassle The Hoff later today. I'm gonna ask him some questions about, like Ice T and stuff. If any of you have anything you want me, your friendly neighbourhood Donovan to ask Mr The Hasselhoff, leave it at the bottom of this message.

I will also be DJing at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch tonight. It's an SIC party featuring Christiansilva, Loney Dear and Emmy the Great live, and it is free. 8 'till midnight.

In other news BET's cultural genocide continues, Fat Joe has stopped biting Big Pun's flow, and got into Jay-Z's (off of the Hustlin' remix, no less), and it is indeed really weird that we're not going mas about the big dungeon of freaks in suits spying on us in fucking Trocadero.