ASBOs To Dinosaurs

I forgot to write to you yesterday. Sorry. I was busy! I mixed a pair of Marvin The Martian songs, which are amazing. It is a lot easier mixing other people's vocals. You can hear them properly. When I;m doing mine I am never sure if I'm hearing what's actually there, or my memory of it, as I wrote and performed it. If you know what I mean. Anyway. It is confusing.

I recorded two songs today. One is called 'Unlearning', and is about, um, unlearning. And relearning. I sampled Gonzales covering Daft Punk. Maybe I put it on the next mixtape. Maybe I save it for an EP. Who knows? I am supposed to be writing my second album, but I get bored of songs easy, and since its also easy to just, like throw them at you, I'd rather do that really. I mean, half the songs on my first album, which isn't out yet, are nearly two years old! This is what the machinery of the music "industry" does. Makes things really slow.

Fuck that though. The other song is called 'Be There', and my boy Dego did the beat. It is APOCALYPTIC. And a bit dissy. I don't usually diss, but sometimes it is necessary. That will be on the next tape. As will a lady called Envy, AKA ENVEH! Who is coming down from Manchester to record some shit on Sunday. You can also expect hot new collaborations between me and the mega-hot OddKidd, the sunblocking Nimblor, the planet-esque Narstie, and lots of other people. I shall drop feed you info over the next few weeks.

Rah, it was fucking SUMMER in Stoke Newington today! I read the paper in the park again, and watched teenagers chase each other round with water bottles. They are pretty hardcore, teenagers, these days. Still. I couldn't linger long, I had work to do.

Oh, Face and Dego's sick partnership has spawned a MySpace page. Go check them out:

Anyway. I must dash, I am afraid. It is my intention to write another song before I sleep. Go read Jeff Wells.