Artist At The Dawn Of The Golden Age

Wow. The first working week of the Tenties, gone already. What happened? I still have tasks on my to do list! My marketing Wave is still a jumbled mess! I haven't emailed The Animators! My mixtape content remains vague! I haven't opened a business account! I haven't confirmed a paying gig to cover month's expenses! What am I like? Crap!

I DID write most of two new songs though, and I DID organise a schedule of content and I DID write some cool stuff and I DID go through all the animation I was sent and write it all upĀ  and I DID make a wicked video and I DID make another wicked video you haven't seen yet and I DID make some music with Littles and I DID do loads of other stuff too so it's not like the week was a write off or anything.

But seriously, if this is gonna work out I am gonna have to get military or something.

Today it dawned on me that I haven't moved more than 50 metres away from my front door ALL WEEK, so I forced myself to cycle two miles and nearly killed myself skidding on ice in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. What the hell is all that about? That's the problem with this country, as Jimbob noted earlier - no grit.

AHAHAHAHA! You know what many task I did yesterday? I boiled a kettle full of water and poured it all over the metal staircase that leads to out front door, as it was thick with ice, and a terrible deathtrap. I then attacked the steps with a spade (actually, I attacked the steps with a dustpan, until the shopkeeper's assistant who hangs around my yard putting things in the bins whilst making tennis player sounds handed me the spade). IT FELT BLOODY GOOD I CAN TELL YOU. Today my metal staircase is mainly free of ice, so I can walk up and down it with impunity. In fact, I am going to walk down it in ten minutes, en route to Islington, where I shall meet my favourite girl and go and see Avatar - yes, your passionate debate yesterday persuaded me.

And you?