ARGHH! or How The Motu 828 MkII is Ruining My Life

motu_828mkii_cmyk-66c601bc840816da6d7c236ed348a287 Not only is my PC fucked, it turns out my audio interface is too. Any of you ever had a Motu 828 MkII? The thing's been emitting a high pitched squeal, popping, glitching, and generally being a dick and hurting my ears. Days of internet research reveal this to be a fairly common, seemingly incurable event amongst the Motu family of products. Customer support offers no help, and the only solution I can find is for people with macs. Curse you Mac people, living in happy lala land!

*bangs head into desk

So - my music making heads. Any clues as to the nature of the problem? or suggestions for an upgrade when I can afford it? Someone suggested and Ensemble or suttink, but that shit was over a grand!

So, that voicebox I tried yesterday seemed to work for some of you, but not all. So I shall have to find some other way of doing it. Any ideas?