TODAY! MAY 5th 2011, 9pm GMT: The Pre-Tour Doncast!

That's right friends! Today at 9pm UK time, 1pm LA time, 10pm Norway time, via and we are having a very special, one-off, pre-tour DONCAST!

There will be great music played!

There will be special guests in the house!

There will be live rapping!

There will be competitions!

There will be conversation!

There will be FUNTIMES!

So get ready! Send your requests, shoutouts, stories, questions, jokes, and DONCAST DEDICATIONS via the channels: the comments section, @akirathedon, akirathedon at, OR SEND A VERY FAST PIGEON!

Oh, and if you're not in the UK, and you know what time 9pm is where you live, let me know and I'll add it to this post.

Rah. Pre-tour Doncast. Christ, that is some terrifying shit - this time next week we will be on TOUR! My tummy just went a bit weird thinking about it. A LOT TO DO BEFORE THEN! CHrist. Krypton Factory. Let's do this thing...

Oh, that picture up there is from the shoot I did on Sunday with James Ellis. And this right here is some footage from that shoot, via Bangor allumini

Test Shoot #3 With AKIRATHEDON, Kim Hippe & Anna Tsvetkova, from james ellis on Vimeo.