OK, first off - my new single, All I Want for Christmas Is You (And World Peace), written by me and the mighty Son Of King Rebel is up on MySpace now. Go check that shit out. I'll be letting you know when you can buy it tomorrow.

Yesterday was DOPE. We went to Manchester to do a session for Channel 4's The Tube. Trains in this country are MESSED UP, but we got there eventually. I utilised my time in the taxi to write a song and read Sycamore's J-Z slanging, and Bol's Tupac truth-telling (it aint just me that thinks dude is WAY OVERRATED!).

Anyway, we get there, and shit is seriously pro, there's a studio and three stages and a runthrough, with our presenters The Groucho Club's Alex James, Blue Peter's Konnie Huq and MTV's Emily Rose. There is a free bar, red wine in the dressing room, and a studio audience. We do the show, and we are ace. Konnie interviews me, and I am, for once, not a goon at all. Jeres says he is proud of me, which never happens, and makes me feel all gooey inside. Mary enjoys Wolverhampton's excitable guitar popsters Ripchord, who she thinks sounds like Busted. Which is real. Alex James steps to me at the bar to say, sweetly, "I love your Shit". He later opines that we were the best band they've ever had on the show, and Konnie wants to come to our next gig, and is sweet enough to sort us a lift back to LDN with her club-owning ex-lawyer Manc G of a mate, so we don't have to mess with the railways, and dude takes us to his club in Shoreditch and buys us booze and stuff. I freestyle over house music a lot, which I like to do, and probably annoys everybody else. Lots of people say hello, and I am not sure if I know them or not, which happens a lot lately and worries me. I used to have a great brain for faces. Now I do not. I think everybody must think I am very rude. So I am nice to everybody. Prolly I should slap some people, but hell, I am a lover, not a hater. THAT IS REAL!

Speaking of which peace to my peoples The Coup and Mr Lif, who had a fucking horrible bus crash and nearly died. They've done lost everything, so if you wanna help them get through the next year, go check their blog here and chuck em some pennies.