Anth Latute ft Ross Latue, Akira The Don & Stace Loyd - 3AM Holy cow bubba! It's Geordie unabomber Anth (kina-rhymes-with-nature) Latue, on a brand new song that's got ME  on it! Fuck!

Hands up who remembers Anth Latue? Huh? Dude appeared on a very early ATD mixtape on a very dope beat produced by me, when he was, like, 14 or something. Well, he's in his early twenties now, and he's been on a bunch of sound engineering courses, and he makes his OWN BEATS, and they are very nice indeed. SO nice, in fact, that when he sent me this one, I put aside what I was doing right then, and spent the next hour and twently minutes writing and recording this verse.

POW! Just like that!

Now, I was in  a shop the other day and I heard a Red Hot Chilli Pepers song playing, and it sounded quite a bit like this one, but we all know about how no ideas are original, right? So fuck that noise. The other ingredients on this gorgeous jawn are angel-voiced brother (?) of Anth, Ross Latue on the hook, and North Carolina's Stace Loyd, who rocks the most beautiful sing song flow I've heard all month. Dude can be found all over Youtube dropping gravelly spit, go have a search.

As for my bit, IT IS, as ever, ALL TRUE... Those that were following the blog when i was having my Big American Adventure will remeber The jellyfish incident well.... and to those that require more detail, go poke around in the archives...

You can cop the song on iTunes if you dig it. look out for Anth's album when he gets back from honeymoon at the end of the summer. yeah, It's wedding season!

Which reminds me. Shout out sensei Jim Bob who was on BBC 6 Music with Andrew Collins this morning and played Babydoll. My dude! What an honour!

Oh, and another shout out to Nic Cox, who sent the following pictures along with this note:

Hello Sir,

Now when I drink my morning tea, I feel like a SWAGGED OUT!

A swagged out what I wonder?