Don't stop living in the red Don't stop living in the red Don't stop living in the reeeeeeeeeed

You were always living in the red You were always living in the red You were always living in the reeeeeeeeed

Oooooh... oooooh... oooooh... oooooh

Red, red, red, red, red, red, red

Don't stop living in the red Don't stop living in the red Don't stop living in the reeeeeeeeeed

Oooooh... ooooh... oooooh... oooooh Don't stop living in the red, red, red, red, red, red, red Andrew WK - Don't Stop Living In The Red

OK, you lot are blatantly ace and full of power, cos after you looked at my thingy last night, well, let me just say IT STARTED TO WORK!

Wow, it is so dope being a part of the everything, and starting to understand it a bit.

I got this awesome email yesterday. I get loads of awesome emails, because we are awesome and connected, but anyway, this one went:

Hey Akira, Just droppin a line to tell you your album has got to be my fave this year, although I must say most of the hip hop we consumers have been inudated with this year was pretty abysmal. But your album is a bona fide clasic, five star project definitely, even if the (usually)ever-reliable HHC only gave it 3. Hows the nmbers doin for that, can't seem to find em anywhere (although I safely assume you are somewher around the 10 mil mark obv). I jus copped the new HHC magazine, and having read your article on the (mostly) living legend that is known as the Wu-Tang Clan, you must be the only person I have ever come across who actually agrees with me as far as Wu-Tang Forever is concerned. One of the most underrated albums ever. No doubt. And you hate Tupac ( as you should - gangster, my arse) and have actually admitted it in the public eye, you rebel. Basically, I can't get enough of you (in a musical sense, of course), keep doin what you're doin, and FUCK TUPAC! Peace, Si

So thank you Si. I am over the moon that you love my record, I am very proud of it, because it is real and I every word of it was real, and so was every note, and I can't wait for you to hear the next one. But I think it has been a great year for hiphop anyway! There have been loads of awesome records, I am going to write a big list of them all very soon, and I think you will agree that, actually, it isn't so bad right now at all. The swine who pretend to run things might try and paint an ugly picture of where we're at, but it is so far from the truth its laughable!

As for your numbers question, I really have no idea! No one has told me. And, really, I don't care. The mails I get, and the reactions I've been getting at shows prove that it's getting out there, connecting with people, and doing its good work, and shall continue to, one person at a time, in a real, unforced fashion, as it should be! And we move forward! Always! Because there is so much to do! And how could we NOT do it? It's our RIGHT, and our PRIVILEGE!

Finally though Si, I don't hate Tupac, I just think he's a bit rubbish. Like hate. Hate is rubbish!

I tell you what's not rubbish: LOVE!

Love is awesome. How awesome is love? Really? Answers on a postcard. or at the bottom of this.

Oh boy! I read the best comic ever last night. It is called Flex Mentallo, it's by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly, an it is so pure, so beautiful, well, it just filled me with FEELING, lo it did. If you liked The Invisibles, you'll love this, but similarly, if you you liked It's A Wonderful Life you'll love this. It is brilliant. And also out of print, but you can find it on a torrent. I think you should, you'll be glad!

Hey, if any of you wanna hear my Christmas song on your radios, I suggest you email your favourite DJs. A good start would be to copy paste the following:


Please play Akira The on Don's All I Want For Christmas Is You (And World Peace) your ace show, it will make me very happy!

Love from....

And mail it to, maybe,

OK, I'm gonna make a song. BOOYA!