Andrew WK - 55 Cadillac: Mini Review & Preview

55Cadillac As you may now, Andrew WK is about to release his 5th album, 55 Cadillac.

Which is a solo piano album.

Just like Gonzales, another great inspiration of mine, who's fifth album was, indeed, a solo piano album!

There is a difference though. Andrew's album is mostly comprised of "spontaneous piano improvisations, as well as the visualized manifestations of his car."

I don't think Gonz has a car.

Actually, he must. I just can't picture it. I'll ask him.

Anyway. I wonder if I can learn to play the piano well enough to have a solo piano album as my fifth.


So. Yeah. 55 Cadillac. It's grayte, baby. In turns stirring, epic, boisterous, creepy, gorgeous, Lynchian, Kubrikal, Goliath, it sings and it soars and it plummets and it crashes and it burns like a baby sun... close your eyes and you'll imagine you're climbing a thirty mile staircase to the summit of mount Olympus.


I don't intend to hit you off with the full gorgeousity - it is good to have something to look forward to, to get excited about. But here's just a little taste...

Have a listen to this.

STREAM: Andrew WK - Seeing The Car

Dope, huh? And that, bubba... that doesn't come close to the magic of The Whole.

So get your ass over here and preorder the thing. I suggest going for the vinyl. A mere £11.55k, bargain!