And The Winner Is...

crew So, I just got Directing Michael and Set Dressing Tim on the phone to decide the winner of the caption contest. I actually filmed the whole exchange, and was gonna make a neat little video with Michael and Tim's heads in boxes like they do on the telly, but the battery ran out in my Zi6, so that was  bit of a waste of time.

Still, they DID pick a winner! And that winner is...


silentbob69, for

Zombie Bollockaust


Congratulations Mr Bob!

Very funny indeed! Zombie Bollockaust FTW!


You have a choice of prize - it's either this blood stained chopping board:

Or one of these super-soakers that Set Dressing Tim modded for us to merk zombies with.



Shout outs to everybody who enetered - the standard was predictably high, an the judges had great difficulty isolating the winner. A special no prize goes to Raydome for calling Tim's car a Golf. TIM WAS NOT AMUSED! But the rest of us were. So there you go.

Look out for another zombie competition soon, along with the first trailer for what will surely be, THE GREATEST ZOMBIE FLICK OF ALL TIME!

Zombie Bollockaust