And Le Winner Of Le LITF Hat Is...


Yes, last week I decided on a whim to give one of my awesome new Living In The Future Snapback Trucker Caps to the human being who came up with the best use for one, other than wearing it. We had a mighty 41 entries, most of which were very bloody good, but there can, of course, be only one winner. And so, Zef and I just spent an hour going through each and every one to determine that winner. The process was scientific and righteous: Zef read the entries out over Skype, and me and his girlfriend Kelly gave our opinions. I wrote down the best ones on a piece of green paper, and we narrowed the seven best down to the eventual winner.



Brendon Selley:

Gaffertape it to my cat's head and take an hilarious photo to upload here.

AHAHAHA! What a great and creative thing to do with a Living In The Future Snapback Trucker Cap! Brendon wins, but ONLY if he promises to keep to his word, and send us a photo of his cat with the Living In The Future Snapback Trucker Cap gaffer taped to his head. Because that's why he's won. WE WANT TO SEE THAT PICTURE. Zef especially likes the gaffertape angle. "He didn't just say, 'I will put the hat on my cat won't he look cute'", explains Zef. "He promised GAFFER TAPE, and that is amazing."

Yes it is. Congratulations Brandon! You (and your cat) win the LIVING IN THE FUTURE SNAPBACK TRUCKER CAP! Send your address to akirathedon at gmail dot com and we'll get it right out to you. And don't forget to send us the photo!

A special HI5 to our VERY CLOSE runners up, in this order:

Raydome Rufio You could get the hat, a bottle of Rosé and a snare trap and use it to catch Scroobius Pip! A Pip trap!

Ahahaha! That would be amazing! What a beautiful mental image! He'd so fall for it too! In fact, I might try it myself!

Chris Ross Could line it with moss and hang it in the tree outside our house as a modern ready furnished nest to let !

Zef: "It's future thinking. It's eco friendly AND creative."

Matt Hall To help relieve a pregnant lady needing a wee in the street in the absence of a policemans helmet. Helmets and policemen are so yesterday.


James R. Willans to beat eminem senceless

Zef: I like the idea of how long it would take. I mena, a hat is light. It could take days, if not weeks of beating. Just imaine!"

Personally, I liked the spelling. Anyway! Well done everybody! You are ALL WINNERS! Scroll down to see all the entires, I am sure you will be awed and inspired by the vast depths of creativity.

So. We shot the Babydoll video on Saturday. It was a beautiful experience, and I would like to extend a hearty HI5! to all who were involved. I don't really want to say much else about it, or post photos, as I want you to go into the watching of it pure, as I did with the excellent and stunning Pedro Almodóvar movie The Skin I Live In which I saw the other day knowing NOTHING ABOUT IT IT WHATSOEVER. Even if I'd read the movie poster it would have spoiled a little of the experience. But if you are really intent, photos have started popping up around the interwebs.

In other news, I started a popular hashtag on twitter yesterday: #TOMWAITSMOVIES. I dropped a couple at 10:30am and it was still going at 18:30. There were some really good ones: "The Assassination Of The Coward Tom Waits By Tom Waits", "Reservoir Rain Dogs", that sort of thing. Ah, hashtags. The butterfly that flapped its wings and caused a tsunami. Well, the human that dropped a silly Tweet leading to a couple hunnerd other humans dropping silly tweets. Not quite The Glorious Revolution. But an interesting exercise in hive manipulation, nonetheless. I have been reading Jaron Lanier lately. he shares many of my concerns. I am going to write him a letter and see if he wants to make a song with me.

ANYWAY! How's about the entirety of those Living In The Future Snapback Trucker Cap entries? Let's go!