And I'm not a girl.

"hey does any1 kno akira da don? he's rly gud i like da cartoons on ng wot he did. i hope he makes a new 1 soon." Someone wise on the Newgrounds board

See those things, right, Zef and I made, just for YOU, this gorgeous generation of tiny scamps that communicate only via MSN and animated gifs to express your emotions in a global way, unlike we oldsters who still hide our real thought's behind complicated metaphor, bluster and vague innuendo.

Speaking of which, Mary's coming in shortly to do some lalalaing on this Dead Babies song. "In" being the Townhouse studios in Shepherd's Bush, where I am currently ensconed with James Brown, worse for wear again after a week of Placebo engineering and a night out with Jeff. Me, I feel crispy fresh despite another silly night of whiskey and rowing with Jeres and othersuch fornication. The night bus went the wrong way again. But the nightbus is romantic. Like Cherry Coke.

Don't ask me why! Just ask me. Ask me ask me ask me. La dee dah!

Ah, but you do, eh? That last mail out prompted a flurry of requests for the seminal ATD live experience, from places I've never been to like Oxford and Belfast and Boston and Manchester and Kansas and Tokyo. Actually, I've been to Oxford - hot posh girls slumming it on heroin. And I have been to Manchester. Bangingest parties in the country.

Yo! This is hot! Bush falls through the ether! Hours of fun!

Peace out children of the korn.