American Demo Out Today

The Indelicates American Demo:):):):):) The Indelicates release their debut album today. It is, as I have previously noted, grayte. Clever, funny, sad, epic, musical, riotous, raucus, romping and stomping, it reminds one of Carter and Denim AND Jim Steinman, so no, it won't be to everyone's tastes, but it sure is to mine. This is the first new guitar record I have liked in ages. So it must be special.

Listen to a grayte song off the album called New Art For The People!

Learn some stuff about the album!

Hell Is For Hipsters dissection.

The Svenhunter's Playlouder review.

The Indelicates' music page.

They're having an album launching gig at Madame Jo Jos in Soho tonight. I'm so going!

Also - A new podcast is brewing. I'm feeling shout-outy again. Leave a message for a shout out!