All Star ATD15

The wait is over.

All Star ATD15 is live.

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Since so many of you have asked over the years, you can get a 320kbps Unicode CDQ version, split into individual tracks, for the princely sum of £4.50.

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1: Superman Intro 2: Akira The Don ft Pixel, Narstie, Little Man & Mr Lacey - Tooken Over 3: Akira The Don - Get Money 4: Akira The Don ft Narstie & Little Man - So Good 5: David Hasselhoff Drop 6: Akira The Don - Curb Crawling Rapist Scumbag's Anthem 7: Rage Against The Machine - Sebastian's Late Night Laptop Remix 8: Akira The Don - Da Sirens 9: Pydos In Sydos - Angry Pirate (Akira The Don's Angry Dego Remix) 10: Akira The Don & Mr Lacey - Body Rock 11: Andrew WK - When I'm High 12: Lethal B - Crash 13: Silicon Vultures - Sour Tits (Akira The Don Remix) 14: The Cribs - Our Bovine Public (Akira The Don Remix) 15: The Crimea ft Akira The Don - Loop A Loop (Akira The Don Remix) 16: Gruff Rhys - Hello Sunshine (Live) 17: Akira The Don - After The Police 18: Akira The Don ft Mr Lacey - Tip Back 19: Akira The Don ft Bashy, Mr Lacey & Pixel - Crowley (That's Cos They Ain't Soldiers) 20: Narstie, Akira The Don & Little Man - I'm Going (Anywhere You Know) 21: Patrick Wolf Drop 22: Scott Walker - Mathilde 23: Akira The Don - 7654321 DIE 24: Powerwolf Drop 25: Powerwolf - In Blood We Trust 26: Polish National Anthem 27: Akira The Don ft Lois Winstone - Everybody Knows


Sleeve by Akira The Don & Zef

2: Extra guitar by Jeremy Allen 6: Contains elements of Billy Ocean - Get Into My Car, David Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car & RZA ft. ODB - Black Widow Pt II 8: Daft Punk Da Funk & Dizzee Rascal - Sirens 9: Ft Dego Brown 12: Produced by Akira The Don 16: Recorded for XFM Scotland 17: Contains elements of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - After The Watershed & Lethal Bizzle - Police On My Back 19: Produced by Akira The Don 20: Produced by Ripperman 23: Contains elements of Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms & 4, 3, 2, 1 - LL Cool J ft Method Man, Redman & DMX 27: Produced by Akira The Don

Engineered Recorded and Mixed by Akira The Don at Don Studios III, Clapton.