All I Want For Christmas Is You (And World Peace)

Celebrity can blind us to the thing itself, particularly when beauty and youth are weighted with great wealth and generational power. (Paris Hilton's circle of rich and pantiless fembots is almost enough to make "elite mind-controlled sex slave" go mainstream.) Jeff Wells

Yeah, you think about that for a little minute.


Let's move on.

We have decided, rather than making you pay for it, we shall give you my festive single, All I Want for Christmas Is You (And World Peace), for free. So if you click that thing, it is yours. It's at 256kbps, so it sounds all nice and, um, festive.

Obviously, it sounds dope coming out of a radio. We suggest you hassle your favourite DJ to play it. I'll get some names and numbers together this week.

So, I was reading this interview on with The Game earlier, and it mentioned that, "from the age of five through 13, The Game lived in a foster home after his sister accused their father of sexual abuse". Shit. That explains so much. From the interview: I grew up in a foster home too…

[The Game looks me directly in the eye unflinchingly for several seconds, then proceeds.]

The Game: It’s horrible, you feel alone sometimes, right? And you really wish that you had family, a mom and dad, and placemats and silverware, and mom coming home, dad coming home, shouting, “Honey I’m home!” and then they call you out the room where you’re doing your homework, and you come running down the stairs and jump on your dad - but that’s not our f**king reality, is it? No, it’s f**ked up. It’s a bad situation, and I don’t wish that on anybody. I always try to at least give words of wisdom, if not some type of financial or clothing donation, to kids in foster homes around the world. Because it’s a sad, sad story and people don’t know until they’ve been there, and if you’ve been there you never wanna go back. You can’t say enough how messed up it is to grow up in that type of situation. Man, I bust out a tear over that one. All love to you, duke.

Yo, I got Oink back. One love to all of y'all. For some reason though there's something up with my NAT thingy, and I keep getting this "UPnP Mapping Incoming Peer Data Port (UDP/57294) failed" message. So nuthing's uploading, but maybe that'll sort itself. I DUNNO!

RAH! The new Snoop LP is brilliant. As is my new joint what I did this after. I got too many songs again people. I dunno what to do.

I tell you what,I am getting KICKED OUT OF MY FLAT in four weeks. That sucks. Any rich people out there wanna rent me their house cheap? Son Of King Rebel and my little brother are in need of homes too. Holla at your boy.