All I Want For Christmas Is This Amazing Akira Jacket

Dear Santa. Please please please get me this amazing Akira jacket. I've been so good this year! ATD25, The Life Equation, that tour, the Babydoll video... and there's still more to come before December 25th! So much more! Go on Santa, be nice. Swear down I deserve it. It's only $900. How many elves is that? Can't be many elves at all.

Serious, I was only saying to my lady the other day how bad I want red leather bikey jacket, and how I always have, since I was ten, then Glenn sends me this shit. IT MUST BE A SIGN!


Elsewhere, time is running out for Manga Music. I've gotta get the finished mixes into mastering by the end of Friday. JUST TWO DAYS! ARGH!

The end of Friday is also the deadline for Swag Bag orders. That's right, the Swag Bag (which was, remember, only supposed to last a month) finishes its run at the end of this Friday. So order now and forever be full of WOAH, or don't order now and forever be full of WOE!

Oh, and the other thing you might wanna do is get your Manga Music preorders in quick, as I'm picking up the hoodies this weekend and it would be lame to not have enough in your size, whatever that is.

So, I just got off the phone with Babydoll director and international man of mystery Dr Aaron Shrimpton, who is finalising the treatment(s) for this incredible TRILOGY we're filming at the end of the month. Boy oh boy am I excited! If you thought Babydoll was good, well, you're right, it was. And is. But this shit is gonna make Babydoll look like a pilot. AND THIS IS THE MOVIE! MOOOOVIE! YESSSSSSSSS!

OK, back to mixing. Have a wonderful day, wherever you may be. FRIENDS FOREVER!