All Eyes On Box

sf4art Aight gang - through the red mist I have hooked up what can only be described as a MASSIVE POP SONG... and you Omega Sanction preodrderers will be getting that in your inboxes in the next five minutes got that in your inbox.

All hands on deck.

And I'll write more later.

I am off for a wee lie down, my Polish heed is too massive and heavy for my weak neck to hold up this long...




Gonna let that one percolate before I unleash it fully. In the meanwhile, me and my shit neck that's making me look like Lady Di are working HARD on this Sanction. I'm chucking lots of stuff up on the Blobblog to keep you entertained though, nice sort that I am.

So, a couple of nice things happened yesterday. Capcom sent me some original concept/development art from Street Fighter 4 as a thank you for that Streetfighter tune that they loved so much. And a red Street Fighter 2 Turbo battle vinyl.

Street Fighter 2 turbo Battle Vinyl!

Lucky mud!


I got my data back.

Most of it, anyway.

Which is good news for a whole bunch of people.

I also got an email from a theatre director about turning my wah-ey blog post into some kind of performance. What a magical fox that was!

Speaking of which, I think there may be something for me to take from the following, left in yesterday's comments:

I have a theory… perhaps the fox was magical and PERHAPS you were meant to follow it but maybe you were being taught a lesson rather than him showing up in your world simply to show you the way home. He led you to a 10ft fence in order that you learn the lesson of turning back if you realise that you’ve gone down a road that you don’t want to, or shouldn’t be on. This theory is supported by the fact that you ended up in pretty much the same place i.e. you did not learn the lesson and you were not rewarded for not doing so, in fact, you were punished. I wonder if you’ve learnt the lesson for next time

I suppose I have. I am not a little boy no longer. Those days really are gone. Curse my linear perception of time! Still. I am sure adulthood holds many wonders.

Thanks for sharing all your stories, as well. Kept a pained bed-ridden old man entertained, so you did.