All curled up around the porcelain.

It dawned on me at about 18:30 that I was very tired indeed. Outside the children on my estate played football in the sunshine. I was hunched over a computer and a keyboard, peering through dry eyeballs at twin monitors on which the technicolour visage of my Fruity Loops sequencer danced and shimmied. Beats and waveforms. Lego and fractals. I had been making beats for three hours, and, despite a few near misses, had come up with nothing suitably genius. I closed the file I was working on, opened a fresh one, and drew a picture of a dog on the piano roll. I assigned a bass sound to it, slung up a kick and a snare, and pressed play. It was a one bar loop, and it was amazing. Two hours later I had written a chorus and 48 bars of "rap" - although I have to warn you that my recent works have departed from my traditional flow somewhat. I have a new one now. Its not about double time, or single time, or even wrapping words around beats. I have found one can spatter them like bullets, or drape them like towels. It is dope.

Haha, I am such an egist. The hook starts:

"Oh wow, they're calling you out Oh wow, they're calling you out Yeah it's a seven fourty seven and they're calling you out"

It does other stuff after that. Rah.

I love my job. I am good at it.

Anyway, I missed this. They're making "beauty" products out of dead people and foetuses now. Go figure.