Alice Cooper Likes CLONES!

alice cooperI just got this email off my ole buddy Danny Saber:


i showed alice the clones video and gave him a copy of your record today

he really liked it

thought you would like to know

You get that? ALICE COOPER! How dope is that?!?!?! I have been listening to Alice Cooper since I was a little boy. Booya!

So. Saw The Indelicates last night. They were really really grayte! They played Heroin right at the end, it was brilliant. Heroin's the one that goes:

"My heroine's on heroin not bad heroin the good heroin that rock stars take and heals the ache of the pain she's in"

Then it goes fucking Meatloaf megamassive:

"This must be Zion They promised us Zion!"


There is a very funny interview with Simon Indelicate here.

Sample bit:

What is your opinion of swans?

They’re cunts. Coming over here, taking our jobs.

LOL! Afterwards my little brother's boss bought us all fucking tons of drinks (cheers!) so today I feel like the inside of that woman from The Gossip's ass. However! I might have scored me a new rhythm section. "The new Sly and Robbie" they call themselves. They are in a very good band. Guess who they are?