Ali Got Beat By Stokefest And His Gin Smoothie, The Goon

> So, Stokefest happened in Stoke Newington yesterday. It was sort of like Glastonbury used to e, but not quite as big. It was pretty bog though. A lot bigger than last year. I will take credit for this, obviously. We had lots of fun, thank you, especially young Alex, who had two costume changes (the second can be seen in Rachel's lovely picture), stole my telephone, locked us out of our house and fell asleep in the stairwell, leaving me to spend a couple of hours breaking in. He just woke up, and is wondering the house bleairishly, hunting his lost sim card.

In other news, my boy Jeff's new website just launched, go check it out, its pretty. Its got a dinky record player on it and everything.

It's still a mailroom in here - the Stunners preorders are all out now, and the post-orders are going through. One man in Canada ordered 4 CDs, what a nutter! Oh, and per your email enquiries, I am trying to get the Stunners 130 MP3 up - my MP3 shop won't host it cos its too big. You may have noticed the site went down again on the weekend. I have sever hosting issues. It is a crying shame. Boo! Hoo! Hoo!

Video Of The Week: El-P's Smithereens. Gitmo! Gitmo!