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"I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving." Lyndsey Lohan

First up! Today's Hackney Gazette headlines:

Raid On Hotel Crack Den! Man Found Hanging In Graveyard!

The Hackney Gazette - Hating on Hackney est. fucking ages!

OK. Eminem - well, Eminem's publishers - are suing Apple for flogging his music on iTunes. Basically, it stems down to this argument that just because record companies have the rights to sell records, doesn't mean they have the right to sell MP3s. "Apple pays about 70 cents of their 99-cent download fee to the artist’s record label," reports XXL, "which, in turn, pays about 9.1 cents to the music publisher... the problem lies in how the remaining 60.9 cents is distributed. Since digital downloads are typically treated as sales, the artist is only entitled to a royalty, which is a small percentage of that amount. If the transactions were treated as licensing agreements, the artist would receive a larger amount."

You get that, kids? The record company pockets 60 cents out of a dollar! It's not like they even pay promo or anything out of that. The artists pays for that shit. And these greedy fucks wonder why their industry is collapsing around them! I have said it many times, but musicians just don't make money out of selling records, and this is why. that's why the Wu have to tour.

Speaking of which, Billy X Sunday caught the aforementioned's set at Rock The Bells in NYC on the weekend (word to Blood Red), and wrote an interesting blog for XXL about how it's only really white kids at these shows.

"Black folks," wrote he, "y’all need to step up your Hip-Hop love. Have a park jam or something where the deejay pulls power from a streetlamp. Walk around with a big ass piece of cardboard and just put it down and breakdance. Go steal a can of Krylon and cop some tags somewhere, but just become Hip-Hop again."

To which one of the fruitflies in the comments section replied:


I wanna bring it back to the old dayz in my neighborhood, but now we have certaint CHARGES to worry about like…UNLAWFUL BLOCK PARTY and them PIGS runnin up and saying you and your friends are a gang and have to dispurse from where u are ( thanks to a new NY State LAW stating a group of 3 or more, dressing alike and or enganging in the same activities is a gang).. Now I don’t know about yall hoods but in mine in upstate, NY bieng black and loving yourself and culture is a CRIME, and displaying any form of that.. (Even battle rapping in the park)..will get u ran up on and probally searched and ya name ran for the night!!! so yeah i think downloads and bootlegs are the future in my neighboorhood… SORRY TO SAY!!! "

You get that? Hip-hop couldn't happen now. Think on that a little while, then get into ...

AK's World of Weird!

UFOs in Wrexham! "I ran inside and got my camcorder. I thought they could be helicopters but when I zoomed in I was scared to death. They were glowing red in the middle. I'm a very logical person. We are not into the paranormal at all. I thought people would think we were barmy if we said we saw UFOs."

UFOs in Stratford! "A crowd of 100 stunned stargazers brought a town centre to a standstill when five mysterious UFOs were spotted hovering in the sky."

Arab Fragging Robots With Guns! (Skygod help us) "Here's a video of Lockheed Martin's MULE advanced robotic vehicle in action, complete with Joes and baddies shooting at each other while the MULE fires its machine gun, gives away free rockets to an enemy tank and pinpoints targets for ballistic missiles."

Remote Control Jets Off To Bomb Iraq! "The Reaper is loaded, but there is no one on board. Its pilot, as it bombs targets in Iraq, will sit at a video console 7,000 miles away in Nevada."

Pentagon developing robots with conscience! (Yeah right!) "There are two types of robot warriors: robots as extensions of human soldiers, in which human operators make all decisions relating to the use of deadly force, and the autonomous robot, which would make its own decisions on the same, based on programmed ethical principles." We came from space like SUPERMAN! Possibly. "About 25 years ago, two British astronomers, Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramsinghe, proposed that comets might be the Johnny Appleseeds of life, carrying vital spores from star system to star system, an idea that is known today as panspermia."

There we have it!