Akira The Don's How To Colour Scanned Line Art In Photoshop!

Dear me, it sure is looking a bit dark around here, eh? I feel bad about it. I want this place to be a beacon of light, but I've forgotten all about not wanting to know about evil and fallen headlong into outrage and horror. It's hard not to when one is dwelling in the dystopia they all warned us about, but at the same time we are living in the future, with all the wonder that brings, and I have to remind myself of that sometimes, when I've been thinking too hard about wheelchair tipping stormtroopers and their state founded apologists. What is it Narstie always says?

Balance rudeboy.

Which is true. And that's why, amidst all this fuckery, I've put together a thirty minute video guide to artistic excellence called

Akira The Don's How To Colour Scanned Line Art In Photoshop!

It took far too long, considering all the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing... but I wanted to do something constructive, and I realised that a lot of the knowledge I've acquired over the years, and take for granted, isn't necessarily known by all (at all) and is indeed downright esoteric. I discovered this when I mentioned the fabled Multiply Blend Mode last week, and got a bunch of tweets and emails and comments enquiring as to how to properly use it. So I've made a video, walking you the whole pencil to photoshop process, analogue to digital, start to finish.


I hope that it is useful to someone, that it inspires some dope art, or at least some fun in someone's life, and that it wasn't a big waste of time. I am sure it wasn't.

OK. Last Doncast of the year today, before we take a few weeks off, so make sure you're locked in. I haven't been able to get the last two online as I have run out of server space! BORKED! So I shall use some of my time off sorting out a solution for that. Leave your shout outs, requests or whatever in the comments, or send them to akirathedon at gmail.com. Today we will be playing some of the BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR! So let me know what you think those are. I have a terrible memory. PAX!