Akira The Don x Time - Full Metal Alchemist (i Walter White) PSYCHEDIGITAL MUSIC VIDEO)

http://youtu.be/WcU7a2_hhhA "I Alchemy... I Alchemi... I cook, I chef, I Walter White"

YES! Celebrating the birth of the final season of Breaking Bad today, after months of trans-atlantic digital graft I am proud to present to you, the FULL METAL ALCHEMIST VIDEO!

The video is a psychedigital trippy pop art masterpice, packed with DRUGS and GUNS and FOOD and WEIRD RED STUFF shot on location in Nu Olypia, London and Denver, Colorado... the UK bits were shot by Tom Coles (Scroobius Pip, Beardyman, B Dolan) and the US bits by Trenton Cotten (just done the new Young Jeezy flick). Directed and edited by ME, word famous polymath AKIRA THE DON.

Full Metal Alchemist was performed by @akirathedon and @timeraps Produced by Akira The Don From ATD26: Manga Music out now on CD, digital, and NEW limited edition 10" print.

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST The Alchemical Psychedigital Music Video

Shot on location in Nu Olympa, UK, and Denver, Collorado. Directed and edited by Akira The Don ATD shot by Mighty Tom Coles Time shot and edited by @TrentonCotten Additional filming by Christina Ryder Guest stars @littles_life@AwareNess0

Time says: "Shout out to my cat Elliott, Dan Banta, and AwareNess for pushing that red."

ATD says: "Shout out Time, trenton and crew for making transatlantic magic and my Alchemical London peoples Tom and Litts for bringing the Bokonon vision to Nu Olympia."

I would also like to shout out my peoples at Southern Hopitalty whose immediate support of this tune put the thought of the video in my head.

I hope you enjoy it! It is PACKED WITH MEANINGS! Collect them all!