Akira The Don x Footsie - End of The Road

Glory be unto man! Grime Legend and Five Star Newham G Footsie just dropped his genere stretching ZOOT BREAK 2 project, and I am proud to announce that I produced the beautiful and evocative final song, End of The Road. Ch ch ch ch ch-ch check it out!


I told you sloop was the wave! Shout out Brain Wilson, all day ee'rday.

Download the whole projct via SBTV here. It is an amazing, highly skilled, highly accomplished and highly advanced art work. Shout out the main man Footsie, the fine folks at Braindead Entertainment (and their dope ass skull logo), and the producers behind the significant sonics that make this one of the flyest things you'll hear all year, Skitz Beats, FuntCase, and the amazingly monckickred Filth Collins. Oh, and Footsie again of course, cos he's a rapping producer don like me. HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND!

Stream the whole thing below, along with the sample I kicked off End Of The Road with. Oh, and here's me and Foots' last collaboration, the legendary WEIRD AND CREEPY!