Akira The Don & Wonchop Reunited On The Student Mundial Ad

As evidenced by the multiple questions on the subject in the last Donnish Inquisition, people still want another Akira The Don/Wonchop animation. Unfortunately, as long as the dude continues to duck my emails there won't be one, but we DID link earlier this year for a lil' project that had, until last week, been forgotten, by me at least.

I was working on an advert for a friend of mine, who amongst other ventures has a website that finds international accommodation for students. The brief was originally a motion comic based on the old Charles Atlas ads. I got as far as drafting the strip before it was decided that something less apparently sexist was required.

After some to-ing and fro-ing and picking of the work experience's brain, a new route was decided upon - an animated ad in which  we would compare the historical difficulty of finding somewhere to live with the contemporary easy of using my mate's website. I set about designing characters, which was fun, and ended up with, amongst a few others, these fellows:

I then set about storyboarding the thing, and drafted Wonchop, with whom I was plotting the ill-fated Living In The Future 2 video, to animate my drawings. I drew each scene, with the characters in their positions in Manga Studio, then imported them to Photoshop to color them, and stack the limbs and mouths and othersuch movement variations in separate layers. I then sent each scene to Wonchop to animate, and add amazing backgrounds. He'd send back the animated scenes and amazing backgrounds, and I cut them all together in Vegas and spent a day doing sound effects and silly voices. Ideally have spent at least two days doing sound effects and silly voices, but there wasn't time, so I had to settle with the final thing not being the surround sound movie I'd have liked. It came out pretty dope though. Check it out: