Akira The Don & The Women @ The Railway

ak-b So, as mentioned in the comments, the Winchester gig was a blast. BLAST! Jeres was on holidae in Prague, so I drafted in my ole pal B from Winchester to join myself and Brother James on the bass guitar. He had five days notice to learn the songs, and we managed to squeeze a single 2 hour rehearsal between soundcheck and the gig itself. It was ace on stilts! We made lots of new friends, some of whom joined us onstage for the final-ee of Working Together and Video Highway.

That photo up there of me and B is the only one I have - if anyone was there and took any, please do send them in, and we can have a set in the photo section.

For the LP2 gigs, we're looking to expand the line up. Dums, keyboardage, DJ, possible backing singerage. If you have these skills do get in touch, I'm gonna start doing some auditions pretty soon.