Akira The Don & The Women - Oh! (What A Glorious Thing) & Big Live Acoustic Performance In Victoria Park!


L-R: Mary Turner, Akira The Don, James "Euro Jim" Harrison, Jeremy "Jeres" Allen.


As I mentioned the other day, me and my ole band The Women took advantage of a freak burst of sunshine in London on Friday to scoot over the road to Victoria Park park with my little brother's old KRON guitar, The Wedding Uke and a triangle, and play a couple of songs for you, the internets. It was the first time we'd played together for ages, since Mary lives in New Zealand nowadays with her husband to be, where she's been some modelling and getting a suntan. James, meanwhile, taught himself photography and then filming and makes adverts for Nike and things of that nature, while Jeres plays guitar in White Witches, who you will be hearing a lot about soon.

It is always a joy and a pleasure to play music with my old friends, and it was nice to capture it on film, which is something we've always been bad at in the past for some reason, despite playing together for years and going on tour and everything. Anyway, Mary's in the country for her wedding till September, so I am gonna make sure we do at least one live show, and record it for posterity.

I shot the footage on my HTC One X, which is very good considering its a bloody phone, but the audio goes out of synch quite a bit and I had to do an awful lot of fidgeting in Premier Pro CS5.5. You might wanna sort that out HTC people.

I will be trying out Premiere Pro CS6 tomorrow, when I will be cracking on with the Full Metal Alchemist video edit. that thing drops the same day as the new season of Breaking Bad, fittingly enough. "I cook, I chef, I Walter White..."

PS - apparently Oh! was played on a daytime telly show called 4 Weddings today. Has anyone seen this? What's the context? How do these strange and wonderful things happen anyway?

PPS - Breaking Bad lego meth lab. Amazing.