Lucifer's Love Gravy & The White Witches

Gang! If you're in London, come down to the Black Heart in Camden - my old pal Lucifer, AKA King Zombie from The I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) video has been bought in to cook his legendary Slaughtered Lamb Sunday Roast (there's a nutroast too, veggies!) and he's asked me to provide the music. So I will be DJing ALL DAY!

And lo, it was true! Yesterday I stood up for 6 hours playing ace records to a lucky gaggle of early adopters (and excellent barstaff). It was rather fun, actually. I was rewarded for my efforts at 8pm or thereabouts with one of Lucifer's special Sunday Dinners, bathed luxuriously in a gravy that bore my name. Amazing.

Afterwards I dragged my Brown Puma sportsbag full of DJing equipment up Kentish Town Road to the Flowerpot to see White Witches. Damn that bought back memories! The Verge was the first venue I ever played in - I went there with Elementary 4, a band I was managing, when I was 18, and Crack Village played their legendary first gig there. I was dressed up in a Spider-man outfit, and was so nervous - and drunk - that I puked through my mask all  over the support band's amps. We played 4 songs, that we'd written the week prior, and I thought we were still playing the third song when the last one finished. My old mate and former proffesional Clown Cormac joined us, playing guitar on stilts. We were amazing! I wish I still had the photos from that show, but they seem to have disappeared into the black hole of The Dead And Forgotten Internets. Never mind. I will never forget it, and neither will the fifty odd people who witnessed that particular miracle.

Anyway, The Verge is, as I said now called The Flowerpot, and it has a marginally better soundsystem and less dirt on the walls. White Witches were testing out a new drummer - Art Brut's Mikey, as it goes, off the back of one rehearsal, not that you'd know, cos dude is a mofrickin PRO. And White Witches were bloody fantastic. Former Pink Grease wailer Rory is abrilliant frontman, strutting and screaming and climbing things, like a frontman SHOULD, cotdamnit... David looks way happier than he did in The Boyfriends, and joined Jeres in some awesome backing "ooohs," and the aforementioned former Woman and friend of mine for over a Decade, mister Jeremy Allen, well he looked like he was having the time of his life. He also seems to have unlearned the guitar a little, replacing musicianship for a barrage of glorious glam NOISE, and by Jove, it suits him.

I totally didn't miss the last night bus home either, and was amused to see a gang of Transport For London staff stretched out over the back seats, playing what sounded like gangsta-bhangra on their mobile phones. Whatever it was, I liked it, but I do still wish they'd get some bottom end on those bloody things.

Rah then. I continue my unprecedented assault on the outdoors tonight, as I leave the crib once again to attend the final night of my friend David "Dave" Collyer's critically adored Modern Love in - gah! - Kentish Town. Dave wrote that AAA pilot I was in, and this play stars Genna Foden who was also in that thing, and she was bloody good, so I am expecting awesomeness and brilliance, and I urge you to come too, if you are in the area, and you need some cotdanged CULTURE in your life.