Akira The Don – It Could Never Happen Here

Rah then. Inspired by a stray thought that popped out of James Harrison's head during rehearsal a few weeks back, I give to you my video for It Could Never Happen Here, a song I started writing in 2005, the first of a planned series of Dystopias, that would one day form an opera, of sorts. It was also, at one point, going to be on When We Were Young. It went through a number of changes in the interim - at one point Madison was singing on it, and it was set in 2029, rather than the unnamed dim distant future it now resides in. The video above was edited by me, and the footage was taken from my all time favourite anime, Gunnm, AKA Battle Angel Alita, one of the most moving pieces of art ever did I witness. Enjoy.

It Could Never Happen Here is taken from the I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) EP. Get yours here.