Akira The Don ft Littles, Marvin The Martian & Gruff Rhys - I Am not Dead (Yeah Remix!)

Thanks to everybody who suggested zombie anime for me to rifle through. I the end I chopped up lots of episode one of Tokyo Majin. Tokyo Majin is super dope.

I am Not Dead (Yeah Remix!) is on the I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) EP, out now on MP3 and T-Shirt.


Whooo! Zombie anime FTW!

Speaking of win, I received some pretty awesome news yesterday.

I have made it into the annuls of science!

I know this because I got an email from Dr Edd Hammill in Canada with the title, "You've made it into the annuls of science." And it went a little something like this:

Dear Akira the Don…

Over a year ago I got in touch with you from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, as a bunch of us Ecology people were at a conference in London and we were wondering if you were playing at the time, don't know if you remember, but anyhoo.

Well, following the brief discussion that we had and so forth and due to the fact that your doncasts and mixtapes kept us all entertained during very long and dull data collection sessions I decided that the next time I published a paper essentially on my own I would stick you in the acknowledgements, and lo and behold, I got one in. I've had confirmation that my article "Reciprocity in predator–prey interactions: exposure to defended prey and predation risk affects intermediate predator life history and morphology" has been published in the Ecology Journal "Oecologia" and you are indeed in the acknowledgements and will remain there for all time, the article will be published in paper form sometime next year. I suppose you could consider this the science world's equivilent of a "big shout out".


BIG SCIENCE SHOUT OUT! Owwwww! How dope is that? I AM IN THE ANNULS OF SCIENCE! And shall remain there for ALL TIME! Whoo! You know how long all time is? LONG! That's how! BLOODY LONG! Bwa ha ha! As noted in the above remix, you could go "blap blap blap"... I am IMMORTAL! In your FACE mortality! Win on a stick! Yes. Seriously, thank you Dr Edd Hammil in Canada, and all your clever science wizard brothers and sisters. Your scientific energy inspires me, and I shall endeavour to be deserving of the accolade you have bestowed upon me.